65 year old male 4642 grafts/Post-op 9 months

Procedure detail

He is a 65 years old dentist who is the doctor to most of the established celebrities of India and the noted politicians as well as the business tycoons. Regarded as the most respected dentist who has magical hands, was referred to us by his businessman friend. His forehead was wide with nearly washed out temple points and receded hairline. The crown was also totally bald. However, he had a good donor area in the scalp. We planned to reconstruct the hairline along with the temple and do the crown. A total of 4642 grafts were planted. We deliberately did a lower density of 30-35 grafts per square centimetre. He started growing the planted hair by 2 months and that became photographable by 3.5 months and a spectacular coverage came by 9 months. The midscalp was not touched during the first session. Now we are planning to do around 1500 grafts for that area.

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Bald class

Bald class 5V

Norwood stage 5V

The two areas of hair loss are larger than in stage 4. They are still separated, but the band of hair between them is narrower and sparser. There is significant hair loss on the top of the scalp (the vertex).

Front view- before and afters

Hair transplant before and after 4642 FUE grafts, 9 months post op

Top view of patient

Before and after to view

Right view of patient

Right view of patient

Back of patient's head

Back of patient's head