Dr. Bernard  Nusbaum

Dr. Bernard Nusbaum

Hair transplant surgeon

Dr. Nusbaum Discusses His Hair Transplant Clinic's Strengths

Dr. Bernard Nusbaum discusses what separates his hair restoration clinic from others and why patients should choose him for their surgical hair restoration needs.
Below is a transcript of the hair restoration video for your reference.
"First of all, one thing that I pride myself on is being a one doctor office. I will not delegate any patient to another hair restoration physician. My attention is concentrated on that particular individual. My experience of having done this for over 20 years as in any surgery is invaluable. The standard things that will go along on an every day basis are standard even for someone who's just starting to do these procedures. But the more situations you've been in and have been able to overcome and the more difficult patients you've been able to treat and create success, expands your ability as a surgeon to help people that may have even been rejected from other surgeons. That's not to say that I don't discourage patients who don't have an adequate donor supply or I can't meet their goals..."