Dr. Bernard  Nusbaum

Dr. Bernard Nusbaum

Hair transplant surgeon

Dr. Nusbaum Discusses Today's Natural and Dense Hair Transplant Procedures

Dr. Bernard Nusbaum discusses how today's hair transplants are completely natural looking.
Below is a transcript of the hair transplant video for your reference.
"Without question that with techniques such as follicular unit hair transplantation, we can truthfully tell a patient that their result is going to be completely natural, that is, as long as is on my part, the artistic sense has been used to, use this wonderful tool in a way that compliments the patient's face, features, etc. I believe in the frontal area of baldness, most patients are satisfied with one procedure. There are always patients who want more density and I always explain that I can fill in between previous transplants and thicken areas as we go along..."