Dr. Bernard  Nusbaum

Dr. Bernard Nusbaum

Hair transplant surgeon

How Dr. Nusbaum Became a Hair Transplant Surgeon

Dr. Bernard Nusbaum discusses his medical background and why he began performing today's state of the art hair transplant procedures.
Below is a transcript of the hair transplant video for your reference.
"It really was too factors, I was interested in dermatology when I was in medical school. And after entering dermatology residency that at that time, hair transplantation was mostly a sub-specialty of dermatology. And I started doing procedures during my residency. Having lost my hair due to male pattern baldness at an early age of 19, I was always very sensitive to the psychological aspects of hair loss and started having hair transplants myself as a patient at the age of 23. I think that those two factors sort of came together, having been a patient and then having the ability to help others with this tool, I began to perform these hair transplant procedures trying to perfect them and finding better ways in which to do it."