Dr. David Josephitis

Dr. David Josephitis

Hair transplant surgeon

Hair transplant procedure before and after result images with 4201 grafts

Procedure detail

Shapiro Medical is pleased to present a 1 yr result from Dr. David Josephitis. This patient wanted at least 3000 of 4201 grafts to address the frontal half with much lighter coverage to the back half. Multiple sessions were planned from the beginning to address total recipient area of over 200 cm2. This patient will schedule another session to address the crown soon. For now he can enjoy this stand alone FUT procedure that gives him a natural result.

Bald class

Bald class 5A

Norwood stage 5A

In stage 5A, the hairline continues to progress toward the back of the head.

Before and after hair transplantation surgery

4201 grafts viewed from the front, showing before and after photographs.

Hair restoration procedure before and after results

using 4201 grafts shown from the top, viewing before and after pictures.

Hair transplantation surgery before and after photos

using 4201 grafts displayed from the left, viewing before and after photos.

Hair restoration procedure before and after results

Hair transplantation surgery with 4201 grafts viewing before and after images, displayed from the right.