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Hair Transplants: Crown Restoration and Planning for Future Hair Loss

07/27/2021 - 08:35

Crowns are said to be the “black hole of hair restoration“. They can put great demand on precious hair transplant donor…

Which Prescription Drugs May Cause Hair Loss?

07/27/2021 - 08:34

his is an important question as there are many drugs that can cause hair loss in the different stages of the hair cycle…

Is there a Way to Accurately Measure Donor Density for a Hair Transplant?

07/27/2021 - 08:34

There are several devices to measure follicular unit density. Basically it is a magnification lens with a 1cm2…

Will Bleeding During Hair Transplant Surgery Affect the Result?

07/27/2021 - 08:34

The bleeding was only an issue during hair restoration surgery. Your procedure was completed in a reasonable time but…

Should I Stop Taking MSM before Hair Transplant Surgery?

07/27/2021 - 08:34

There is one study that suggests that MSM is safe for up to 12 weeks. I do not know how safe it is for longer term use…

Using a Trichometer to Evaluate Hair Loss Prior to Hair Transplant Surgery

07/27/2021 - 08:34

I am glad that you recognize the importance of researching hair transplantation prior to surgery. A thorough evaluation…

Approach to Surgical Hair Restoration of Advanced Stage Male Patterned Hair Loss

07/27/2021 - 08:34

A survey of the below hair transplant patient's bald head, shows that the lateral fringes and crown have…

Dr. Bernardino Arocha Discusses Why He Performs Hair Transplant Surgery

07/27/2021 - 08:34

In this hair transplant video interview, Coalition hair restoration physician Dr. Bernardino Arocha discusses what drew…

Does Hair Color Affect Hair Transplant Results?

07/27/2021 - 08:34

Hair color does have a significant impact on hair restoration outcomes. It is the amount of contrast between the skin…

How Hair Characteristics Impact Hair Transplant Results

07/27/2021 - 08:34

Hair characteristics, caliber, presence of curl, color, angle of emergence, and sheen play a pivotal role in the…

Arocha 2500 grafts FUT with PRP 4/16/19

04/12/2021 - 06:55

Happy patient shares his genuine review of Dr. Arocha, and his results have transformed his appearance.

5 months post op 3000 FUT with Dr.Arocha

04/12/2021 - 06:53

Dr. Arocha patient "scooter" shares his impressive early hair transplant results only 5 months after surgery.