Dr. Munib Ahmad in the Netherlands, performs every part of the hair transplant procedure to ensure his patients receive the highest quality. He is the first point of contact from the consultation to the aftercare. His results show aesthetic artistry with keen attention to detail.

Dr. Munib Ahmad has become one of the world's most sought-after hair transplant surgeons, especially in Europe—a member of several prestigious societies, including the International Society for Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS).

He provides 100% guidance from the first contact to the last aftercare check, always in direct contact with patients. He guides his patients through every step of the procedure to ensure they understand the surgery step, the goal of the procedure, and their expectations. 

Dr. Ahmad carries out the FULL treatment himself (i.e., punching, extracting, making sites, checking the sorted grafts, and placing the grafts). Dr. Ahmad's passion for this work is evident in every procedure he performs. 

Dr. Munib is known for his meticulous and artistic approach to hair transplant surgery. He selects specific hairs for the hairline to ensure that it is indistinguishable from a natural hairline, even from a close-up, and that no one can tell where the "new" hair starts or ends; this is essential to achieving top-quality results from any transplant procedure. He creates close-up images of the results to showcase and bring his art to life. 

Dr. Munib can densely pack up to 70 FU/cm2 when appropriate for the patient. But only if this is an advantage for the patient in the long run. 

The number of patients at this clinic has increased in recent years. Dr. Munib's work is sought after because of the quality of his work and presentation, which is a testament to his skill and reputation. 

Dr. Ahmad has repaired unnatural (failed) hair transplants in just one operation. More than 20% of his patients are repair cases. These patients want a solution without having to undergo multiple surgeries, and Dr. Ahmad is known for being able to achieve this. 

He has also been proven to give consistently good results for the crown area, with full coverage using a minimal number of grafts. 

Dr. Munib makes a bespoke hair treatment plan for every patient so that he has nothing to fear if hair loss continues in the future. He ensures that there are always enough grafts to perform another surgery and ensure a natural result. 



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Dr. Munib Ahmad - 2360g- Hairline - Gray Hair - FueGenix - The Netherlands

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