This hair loss product, meant for women, is a synthetic form of Progesterone, a hormone and steroid that occurs naturally in the ovaries. The body uses the Progesterone treatment to control a variety of functions. These include the regulating of the menstrual cycles, anticancer properties, the slowing and prevention of bone loss and ensuring the female sexual organs’ health. Another important function of Progesterone is to maintain the hormone balance of estrogen.

But in regards to hair loss, Progesterone treatment is an effective DHT-inhibitor. However, there has not been much research conducted as to Progesterone’s impact to male and female pattern baldness (MPB, FPB). What research was conducted showed that it may be effective at stopping hair loss, but not at hair regrowth.

Nevertheless, topical Progesterone has been used by some European dermatologists in Europe to treat MPB and FPB. For this, they only used 1% or 2% topical concentrations, and no more than 40mg a day. Researchers believe that higher doses could cause menstrual irregularities.

Topical Progesterone is available as capsules, vaginal creams and suppositories. Patients use the medication by rubbing it into the body’s soft areas, such as the breast, abdomen, inner thighs and the palms of the hands (which is thought to be the most effective area).

It’s advised that women use about 1/8-1/2 teaspoon, once to twice daily, for 21days. Physicians also advise women to stop using the medication for 5-7 days each month. They also advise women to change the application areas periodically.