Dr. Arika Bansal has the staff and experience to perform large, densely packed sessions of modified FUE with excellent results.

Dr. Arika Bansal and Dr. Pradeep Sethi are a husband and wife team of surgeons that work in tandem on each hair transplant procedure at their clinic in Mumbai. Dr. Arika performs hair transplant surgery exclusively and operates on only one or two patients per day.

Dr. Bansal has the staff and experience to perform large, densely packed sessions of ultra refined follicular unit hair transplantation exceeding 3000 and 4000 grafts when appropriate for the patient. Large session sizes may exceed 5000 grafts for patients with an optimal donor area.

Dr. Arika Bansal has been performing exclusive hair transplant surgery since 2013 and possesses approximately 10 years of hair transplant experience overall. She specializes in FUE (DHT), BHT (body hair transplantation), eyebrow transplantation, eyelash restoration, beard transplantation, scar repair and other repair procedures, etc. Dr. Arika also provides medical treatments for managing male and female pattern hair loss.

Dr. Arika's primary technique is a modified version of FUE referred to as Direct Hair Transplantation or DHT. During this technique, follicular units are excised using a motorized device and implanted into the balding areas simultaneously. This significantly reduces "outside-of-the-body" time and as a result, improves overall hair growth from the procedure. Dr. Arika started performing this technique along with her husband Dr. Pradeep Sethi in 2012 and together published a scientific paper in the Journal of Cutaneous and Aesthetic Science (JCAS) about it in 2013.

Dr. Bansal uses the latest and most advanced techniques including the trichophytic donor closure technique for strip procedures, microscopic dissection and minimally invasive tools to minimize trauma and maximize dense packing.

During both procedures, Dr. Bansal or Dr. Sethi pre-make all recipient incisions and then grafts are simultaneously excised and implanted into tiny recipient incisions ranging from .9mm to 1.05mm.

In order to create the most natural looking hairline and result, Dr. Bansal selects only the finest 1 haired follicular units for placement in the first two rows of the hairline.

Dr. Arika Bansal use a motorized punch used called the MPCID Marathon typically ranging from .8mm to 1mm depending on the patient and the size of the graft. This reduces trauma and resultant scarring to the skin while eliminating any possible damage to the surrounding follicles. Dense packing typically ranges from 35 to 50 grafts per square centimeter (FU/cm2) which she feels provides the patient with optimal density while preserving vascularity to the scalp.

Dr. Bansal is a member of several well respected professional organizations including the AHRS, ISHRS, ACSI and ADVL. She is also a board certified diplomate of the ABHRS (American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery).

Dr. Arika Bansal, her hair transplant technique, and patient results were carefully reviewed by our patient based online hair loss community. To view the highlights of this review, click here.


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