Dr. Victor Hasson exclusively performs Ultra Refined Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation with outstanding results.

Victor Hasson MD is world renown for his hair transplant gigasessions, performing hair transplant procedures exceeding 5000 follicular units in a single session.  His largest hair transplant session to date exceeds 9000 grafts.  While these types of ultra-large sessions are not typical, Dr. Hasson has been able to stretch the envelope and performs some of the largest single sessions to date when appropriate and possible for the patient.

Dr. Hasson also offers follicular unit excision (formerly known as follicular unit extraction)(FUE) using a manual punch.  He believes the tactile feedback provided by the manual punch results in the production of the very finest and least traumatized graphs. He also feels that the added speed of a motorized punch is unnecessary as time to perform extractions is a complete non-issue. Quality is the only issue.

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With all the fancy motorized and automated devices out there to assist in making FUE easier, many physicians and patients alike still feel that the best hair transplant results are produced using simpler manual or motorized devices, leaving it up to the skill and experience of the physician to produce the best results, not the tool or device itself.

Dr. Hasson graduated with honors from the University of Cape Town, South Africa in 1984. Dr. Hasson is currently practicing full time in the field of hair restoration surgery in Vancouver, BC, Canada. He is available for consultations five days a week either in the main surgical center or via online consultation. Dr. Hasson has been author of several chapters in various hair transplant text books. He has been guest speaker and guest surgeon for several international conferences and surgical workshops to discuss and showcase his unique talent and approach to hair transplantation.

Dr. Hasson performs surgery in a modern, fully accredited surgical facility designed specifically for hair restoration. He and his partner, Dr. Jerry Wong, are the originators of the lateral slit technique, which provides more improved naturalness, density and coverage for his patients. Dr. Hasson has invented a special tool that allows for customsizing of blades to match the size of the follicular unit being placed in the scalp. This results in higher densities, better coverage of underlying scalp and virtually no scarring in the recipient scalp. This tool has now been adopted by many of the world’s leading clinics.

Dr. Hasson believes that harvesting larger numbers of grafts in one procedure is imperative for helping patients to realize their hair restoration goals. Fewer procedures benefit the patient as there is reduced cost, reduced scarring and reduced overall down time. He is recognized for his “one pass approach” that achieves desired density for the patient in one procedure instead of two or three.

Dr. Hasson performs procedures, on average, of 3500 to 4500 follicular unit grafts per day, per patient and routinely harvests over 5000 follicular unit grafts in one session. Dr. Hasson’s cutting edge approach and philosophy has raised the bar for the entire hair restoration industry.

Dr. Hasson, who has performed over 5000 hair restoration procedures to date, performs state of the art follicular unit transplantation and emphasizes the importance of having an artistic approach with regards to all aspects of follicular unit graft placement. Dr. Hasson continues to push the envelope of hair restoration every day.

Dr. Hasson is a member of the International Society of Restoration Surgeons as well as several other organizations.


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