Dr. Vladimir Panine and his experienced staff perform high quality follicular unit hair transplant surgery with excellent results

Dr. Vladimir Panine of Chicago Hair Transplant Clinic has specialized in surgical hair restoration and the medical treatment of hair loss since 1994 and is a board certified dermatologist.   He personally consults with each of his patients in depth to customize solutions to meet their specific needs and concerns. 

Dr. Panine recently took over for Dr. Christopher Gencheff in the state of Wisconsin who recently retired.  Thus, Dr. Panine is also performing state of the art hair transplant surgery in the state of Wisconsin.

Dr. Vladimir Panine provides both FUT/strip and FUE (follicular unit excision - formerly known as follicular unit extraction) hair transplant surgery.  Dr. Panine feels that FUE is a viable alternative to strip under certain circumstances but that FUT/strip is typically optimal for larger cases.

Dr. Panine and his experienced staff are passionate and committed to providing state of the art hair transplant solutions utilizing the latest tools and surgical techniques.  Dr. Panine provides surgical hair restoration as the primary part of his practice and has the staff and experience to perform over 3000 follicular unit grafts in a single session when appropriate for the patient.

Adaptability and flexibility are vital ingredients Dr. Panine includes to provide custom solutions to his patients.  Dr. Panine creates a combination of parallel (sagital) and perpendicular (coronal/lateral) incisions at an appropriate angle to mimic the patient’s natural direction of hair growth.  Dr. Panine typically densely packs up to 40 FU/cm2 when appropriate depending on the patient’s goals and area of baldness.  He believes it’s better to add additional density in a second procedure to protect the scalp’s vascularity and maximize hair growth yield from the first procedure.


Dr. Panine uses minimally invasive techniques to ensure minimal trauma to the scalp and maximum growth yield.  Dr. Panine harvests the donor strip using a single blade to minimize transection and uses the trichophytic closure technique exclusively to minimize the appearance of the scar.  By using a single running stitch with individual sutures in between, Dr. Panine feels he can minimize tension on the wound and create an optimal scar.  Dr. Panine’s experienced staff carefully trims all follicular units under microscopes and inserts them into tiny recipient incisions made by Dr. Panine.


Dr. Panine has also performed research and authored numerous publications as it relates to hair restoration.  He holds medical licenses in Illinois, Michigan, New York, California, and Russia.  Dr. Panine is multilingual speaking fluent English, French and Russian. 

Dr. Panine is a member of the following organizations

  • International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS)
  • American Society of Hair Restoration Surgery  (ASHRS)
  • American Board of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery
  • American Society for Dermatological Surgery
  • American Medical Association

Dr. Vladimir Panine, his surgical technique, and patient results were carefully reviewed by our patient based online hair loss community.


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