ProTHIK Hair Loss Concealer

Truly "Personal Care Luxury?"

Of all the types of concealers available today, one of the longest lasting may be the "spray on," color-matching aerosol topical. Although many brands and differing types of spray on concealers currently exist, ProTHIK is considered by many to be one of the most trusted. What makes this product so popular in the hair loss community? How does ProTHIK work to conceal hair loss? Is ProTHIK truly a "personal care luxury for men" like their website indicates?

ProTHIK: What is it, and how does it Work?

ProTHIK belongs to the popular "aerosol" variety of spray applications. It is applied properly by spraying an appropriate amount of the aerosolized solution onto balding areas of the scalp. Due to its resin technology and variety of natural color choices, spraying ProTHIK onto areas of the balding scalp or thinning hair eliminates unsightly "bald spots" and reportedly leaves the patient with a realistic looking and undetectable appearance. But what does ProTHIK offer that similar hair loss products do not?

The Benefits of ProTHIK

According to the manufacturers, ProTHIK is superior to similar products for a number of important reasons.

First, ProTHIK allegedly possesses superior rub-resistance, a single component formulation (meaning multiple applications during one sitting is not necessary), superior water resistance, and a greater overall durability.

Second, when applied to the scalp, ProTHIK supposedly creates a natural, undetectable appearance (to both visual and physical inspection) that is resistant to excessive amounts of sweat. What’s more, ProTHIK is proposed to last overnight or between showers, and washes off easily with basic shampoo.

Third, ProTHIK is designed to provide adequate coverage in a variety of hair loss scenarios. For example, ProTHIK is reportedly able to conceal scalp regions with only 10 to 15% remaining hair and "bald patches" as large as 3-4 centimeters in diameter.

ProTHIK Product Reviews

Like other aerosol products, ProTHIK is only recommended for areas of hair loss 1.5 - 1 inches posterior to the frontal hairline however, it's considered especially effective in the vertex (crown) region.  Despite the more specific application, ProTHIK remains popular with many consumers because of its overall effective nature, natural appearance, and lasting durability.  On the flip side, some ProTHIK users have expressed concerns about messy application and clogging.

Unlike similar products, ProTHIK reports that it requires fewer applications and its resin technology does not create a shiny, thickened, or "sticky" appearance when applied to areas of balding scalp.

Additionally, manufacturers of ProTHIK report that it remains effective in hair thinned up to 85 – 90% of its original density and bald patches as large as 3-4 centimetres in diameter. For these, and many other reasons, ProTHIK remains a popular, trusted choice for individuals seeking a quality aerosol concealer.

What Real Hair Loss Sufferers are Saying About ProTHIK

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