COUVRé Alopecia Masking Lotion: Product Review

For many hair loss sufferers, scalp "tinting" solutions are the most effective type of topical concealer. Tinting solutions like COUVRé, also commonly referred to as "masking lotions" or "concealing lotions," eliminate the contrast between thinning hair and the bald scalp by naturally darkening the skin and matching the tone to one's existing hair. By matching bald scalp to an individual's natural hair color, the harsh contrast of thinning hair is eliminated, and a fuller, denser appearance is achieved.

Although several types of masking lotions currently exist, one of the most popular and trusted is COUVRé. However, what makes COUVRé distinct from other masking lotions, or different types of concealers in general? Is COUVRé a quality concealer for both hair loss suffering men and women? Most importantly, what are other concelears users saying, and where can balding individuals purchase their own supply of COUVRé masking lotion?

COUVRé: What is it, and how does it work?

Unlike comparable "shaker" application products (such as Toppik – a popular topical applicator product from the same makers as COUVRé), COUVRé is a tinted lotion, meant to minimize the contrast between dark, thinning hair and the balding scalp. According to the manufacturers, COUVRé is applied to the scalp using a specialized sponge applicator. Once the masking formula is on the scalp and providing sufficient camouflage, users are instructed to simply style hair normally and go about their day.  The manufacturer of COUVRé assert that the application appears subtle, natural, will not appear "greasy or sticky," will not stain clothing or towels, and does not interfere with pores or affect natural hair growth.

The Benefits of COUVRé

According to both the manufacturers and satisfied users, COUVRé offers various benefits over comparable concealer products. First, because the makers of COUVRé are confident in the product, they ensure that, unlike some other concealers, COURVe will create a natural appearance without looking greasy or sticky, and does not clog scalp pores or interfere with existing hair shafts. Because of this, not only is COUVRé useful for those with thinning hair, but also for patients awaiting new growth from hair transplant surgery. What's more, COUVRé does not contain any harmful chemicals, can allegedly withstand perspiration, rain, wind, and even physical contact (such as touching the scalp).  COUVRé comes in 8 different colors/tones (to match all hair types) and is equally effective in both male and female hair loss sufferers.  Although COUVRé will withstand a variety of situations without smearing or smudging, it easily washes completely away with water and shampoo.

COUVRé Color Chart COUVRé Colour Chart

Why COUVRé has Become Popular and Trusted within the Hair Restoration Community

While COUVRé does offer many benefits above other concealer products, its popularity and reputation within the hair restoration community is likely due to several important factors. First, unlike some other concealing products, COUVRé application is both simple and fast. For many individuals, the ability to naturally conceal thinning hair without spending an excessive amount of time "getting ready," is a huge benefit. Furthermore, because COUVRé contains natural ingredients and does not interfere with native or implanted hairs, it is safe to use with other proven hair loss medications (like Rogaine/minoxidil and Propecia/finasteride) and during the new growth phase of hair restoration surgery. Because of its ease of use, effective nature, and ability to conceal hair loss in a variety of situations, COUVRé has become a reputable hair loss treatment and remains popular within the hair restoration community.

What Real Hair Loss Sufferers are Saying About COUVRé

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