Dr. Felipe Pittella performs ultra-dense mega-session and Giga-session FUE procedures on Norwood 6 and 7 patients with excellent density and coverage. Dr. Pittella combines quality and affordability with coverage and density.

Dr. Felipe Pitella has built a platinum reputation online and with his patients as one of South America's best hair transplant surgeons. He is a precisionist, honing his innovative techniques using advanced cutting-edge technology. He and his expertly trained staff doctors, nurses, and technicians perform dense-packed mega-session and Giga sessions of up to 50-60 grafts per cm2 when appropriate. 

Why Choose Dr. Pitella

Dr. Pitella has a full-time dedicated hair restoration clinic - Transplante Capilar FUE, based in Vitoria, a beautiful coastal city in Brazil. Dr. Pitella is passionate about learning and innovating new surgical techniques. He works with a junior doctor who assists him in extracting and implanting grafts for specific occasions. Dr. Pitella prefers a very hands-on, custom approach. He handles all of his consultations, plans, designs every procedure, and creates the recipient sites for every patient. He offers an entirely bespoke package, where he performs every part of the procedure with the utmost attention to detail and finesse. In this package, he devises the surgical plan, designs the hairline, creates the recipient sites, performs all extractions, and implants most of the grafts himself with assistance from his junior doctor. 

Dr. Pitella performs FUE solely in his practice. Dr. Pitella uses 0.9 to 0.95 manual and motorized punches. He performs body hair transplants (BHT) on patients with advanced hair loss and patients who have exhausted their scalp hair donor supply. He uses the dull needle implantation (DNI) technique to create pre-made incisions with the sapphire blade and implant the grafts with Choi and Lion implanter pens. 

Dr. Pitellas Academic Credentials

Dr. Pitella graduated from the Federal University of Juiz de Fora in 2010. He completed his residency from 2011 to 2013 at the Federal University of Sao Paolo. He became a board-certified Plastic Surgeon after completing his surgical residency at the Instituto De Providencia Do Estado De Minas Gerais (IPSEMG) in 2016. He learned how to perform hair transplant surgery under Dr. Marcelo Pitchon as part of his presidency with IPSEMG in 2016. Dr. Pitella has attended several workshops and workshop training, including advanced FUE, with Dr. Roberto Trivellini in 2016. Most recently, the 6th Latin American workshop in Cancun 2020.


FUE, BHT, eyebrow hair transplants, bad HT repairs, free 
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Dr. Felipe Pittella

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5,159 Grafts Norwood 5 Dr. Felipe Pittella Large Area: SOLVED

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10,144 Grafts Norwood 7 Dr. Felipe Pittella (9149 from scalp + 995 from beard)

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