Ultra Refined Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation

The Ultimate in fullness and naturalness in one surgery session.

We’ve all seen the “pluggy” hair transplants of the past. But we don’t see today’s state of the art hair transplants because they go unnoticed.

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Follicular Evolution - from plugs to micro grafts to ultra refined grafts

Surgical hair restoration has dramatically evolved from the big round “plug” grafts of the 1960 ’s and 70’s, to the “mini micrografts” of the 80’s and early 90’s, to modern hair transplant procedures using entirely follicular unit grafts .

Now hair restoration surgery is going through another important evolution that is improving both the naturalness and fullness that can be achieved from any one surgical hair transplant session.

Ultra Refined Grafting - Smaller Blades, Incisions and Grafts

Today ’s micro surgical blades, like the size of hair grafts, have become ever smaller and now enable hair transplant surgeons to safely make more tiny graft incisions in a given area then ever before. Surgeons are then able to “dense pack” select areas with as many as 40 to 60 follicular unit grafts per square centimeter. This graft density is as much as twice that of the standard follicular unit hair transplant procedure.

FUT result

FUT Result

Such high densities of transplanted hair typically produce the appearance of fullness even after only one surgical session. Patients also experience rapid healing and no visible skin distortions due to the tiny size of these incisions.

Ultra Refined Follicular Unit Grafting - Hard on the clinic but easy on the patient.

Ultra refined follicular unit grafting raises the bar for physicians and their staff. This delicate and demanding hair transplant procedure requires more skill and careful attention to be performed properly. The smaller and more tightly packed incisions require more closely dissected follicular unit grafts that are carefully trimmed under microscopes. These small and densely packed incisions are also more difficult to place the grafts into.

This procedure also requires more careful patient selection, as “dense packing” of grafts is not appropriate for all patients.

Ultra Refined Follicular Unit Transplantation – the new “Gold Standard”

Natural hair hair transplant hair line

In the hands of a highly skilled physician and staff the Ultra refined follicular unit hair transplant procedure can achieve excellent new hair growth that is so natural that it is undetectable even under close scrutiny.

While the standard micro “follicular unit” hair transplant does produce natural looking results, its ability to achieve high density in only one surgical session is limited. Thus patients may have to do subsequent surgical sessions in a transplanted area to achieve a full look.

The many patient benefits of this new procedure are significant and include:

  • The ability to get excellent hair density in only one surgical session.
  • Minimal trauma in the graft recipient area with rapid post surgical healing.
  • Little or no visible pitting or distortions in the transplanted areas.
  • More natural direction and angulation of the transplanted hair.

Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians All members of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physiciansare required to perform ultra refined grafting with excellent results. Learn more about the membership standards.