Rogaine Foam for Men and Women

The exciting new Rogaine foam has undergone its own extensive FDA trials and can rightfully boast an impressive 85% hair regrowth success rate in people who use it twice daily. This is more than 20% higher than the liquid 5% minoxidil solution at 64%. Rogaine foam also comes without the inconveniences of its liquid counterpart such as scalp irritation, flaking, and messy application. The foam dries almost instantly as opposed to the liquid's 15 minute waiting period.

Note: Despite what the insert says, Rogaine works just as well for frontal hair loss, recession, and thinning hair.

How It Works:

Rogaine foam uses versafoam technology to aid the delivery of the minoxidil to the hair follicles. As the minoxidil absorbs into the scalp, it stimulates follicles, revitalizing them, promoting thicker and healthier hair growth. This promotes a thicker and fuller appearance of hair.

Developing Realistic Expectations:

While Rogaine foam is supreme in many ways, it's unlikely to regrow thick terminal hair in completely bald areas. For best results, men ought to consider combining Rogaine with Propecia (finasteride), the only FDA approved and clinically proven DHT inhibitor to stop hair loss. See the "recommended treatments" section below for more details.

Don't expect immediate results. Just as hair loss is a slow process, regrowing it is too. Thus, it's recommended to use Rogaine for approximately 6 to 12 months before determining its effectiveness. Documenting your progress with bi-monthly photos can help you better evaluate the results.

Hair shedding is a common symptom the first few months and a sign that the medication may be working for you. It's crucial to push past this stage with continued use for the recommended period of time.

To date, only surgical hair restoration is proven to grow hair in completely bald areas. You are invited to have a free virtual consultation with one of our prescreened hair restoration physicians.