Rogaine 2% Liquid for Women

Rogaine for womenRogaine for women is the most recommended treatment for hair loss on the market for women today, and the only FDA approved and clinically proven treatment available for female hair loss sufferers.

Note: Despite what the insert says, Rogaine works just as well for frontal hair loss, recession, and thinning hair.

This product includes the original 2% minoxidil solution manufactured over 15 years ago. While it only reports a 46% success rate as opposed to the 5% liquid solution's 64% and the foam's impressive 85%, Rogaine for women reduces the possibility of unwanted side effects, including the unpopular unwanted facial and body hair growth.

How It Works:

Rogaine works by stimulating the hair follicles and revitalizing them. This sometimes stimulates the regrowth of miniaturizing hairs, promoting a thicker and fuller appearance of hair.

Developing Realistic Expectations:

Rogaine for women is a good starting point for women with thinning hair. While it's not as effective as the 5% liquid solution or Rogaine foam, the possibility of side effects are reduced. Thus, women may want to start small and work their way up to the more advanced Rogaine solutions.

Don't expect immediate results. Just as hair loss is a slow process, regrowing it is too. Thus, it's recommended to use Rogaine for approximately 6 to 12 months before determining its effectiveness. Documenting your progress with bi-monthly photos can help you better evaluate the results.

Hair shedding is a common symptom the first few months and a sign that the medication may be working for you. It's crucial to push past this stage with continued use for the recommended period of time.

To date, only surgical hair restoration is proven to grow hair in completely bald areas. You are invited to have a free virtual consultationwith one of our prescreened hair restoration physicians.